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We are an experienced landscaping design business in Milton Keynes and have the expertise to help make your garden dreams a reality.

We have worked on a number of local garden and landscape design jobs throughout Beds, Bucks and Northants.

Our skilled staff of landscape designers deliver cost-effective services for all landscaping residential or commercial job.

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Cost-Effective Commercial Or Domestic Work

If you are wanting to enhance the look and feel of your garden at your home, or have a commercial project at your workplace, our staff provides the expertise and vision required to improve your outside area.

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Garden Maintenance


In today’s fast paced lifestyle, equally at work and also at your home, it’s difficult to find additional time to get out in the garden to make it look the way you want to.

We offer gardening services, lawn mowing, grass cutting and general lawn care, hedge trimming and more.

Garden Design and Planning

Design & Planning

We offer a truly custom landscaping & garden service.

We aim to deliver premium quality customer service for all our residential and commercial customers, this consists of one on one consultation services and no-obligation site visits.

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping

Includes all the materials that will be used included in the main structural build and will really set your garden apart from the rest.
Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping

Brings your garden area alive with the addition of soil, turf, shrubs, plants and trees which offers the true attractiveness of your garden design.

Our Landscaping Design Services

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

It’s great to appreciate your garden throughout the day, but with a selection of lights, your garden can come to life in the dusk evenings, or at night.

We will work together with you to create the perfect lighting arrangement.

Block Paving

Block Paving

In order to maximise your garden patio, add a new driveway or pathway, we can provide the most suitable paving which fits your residence.

Planting & Raised Beds

Raised Beds & Planting

We can easily change the overall appearance and feel within your outside area by designing the borders and planting a selection of beautiful flowers and shrubbery.

Stump Removal and Grinding

Remove Tree Stumps

In case you have medium to large trees you need removing, we can get rid of the whole tree out of the soil in your garden.

Turf Laying

Garden Turfing

Our company have a large range of expertise and knowledge about the different types and techniques to lay the grass turf.

Whether you want a perfect looking green grass lawn by using a premium quality grass turf, orundefined have a grass area to maintain in the garden, our turf specialists can help you get the very best from your lawn.



If you need a elevated area that enhances and transforms any garden, then decking is a great option.

We have vast experience with creating both softwood or hardwood decking areas.



We provide various garden fence options, whether that’s picket, panel or close board.

We can also build gated garden areas customised to your property or home.

Bespoke Garden Planters

Bespoke Garden Planters

We build up an array of custom garden planters made out of either natural stone or timber to suit your garden.

An elevated garden planter can bring your garden alive giving you wonderful enjoyment.

Our Landscape Garden Design Services

Our passion and drive is always to create gorgeous looking garden that are the envy of your friends and family.

We provide you with a 4 phase approach: Design, Construction, Planting and Maintenance

If you choose us for your landscaping work, our staff guide you through the 4 stage Design, Construction, Planting and Maintenance process, using a highly skilled garden designer to turn your thoughts and your ideas into beautiful garden plans to fit your outdoor area.

Our work doesn’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. We work in all conditions, no matter what the weather is doing.

We take your ideas from the planning phase through to completion with on-going upkeep if neccessary, transforming outside locations into an area that changes everyday life and enforces comfort and peace.

We offer current and revolutionary styles, garden features such as Fencing, Paving, Lighting, Decking and Turfing, for every industrial or domestic landscape, based on your vision.

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Landscape Gardening Lavendon

If you want to give your property or commercial landscapes a complete makeover, or make your office outside garden area more attractive, our landscape garden design services will help you.

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We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you with the inspiration to make your ideal garden a reality, together with completing any maintenance needed.

Let’s talk about your new landscaping project, no matter if you need garden design services or just upkeep, or it’s for your home or commercial landscapes.

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About Us

Our company ethos is always to allow your thoughts to go wild, giving inspiration and a great deal of knowledge and experience that we can offer.

Included in our initial no cost consultation, our team visit your property to discuss your project thoughts and provide our knowledge and expertise.

Our Team help you elaborate on your ideas to offer a fully bespoke tailored reality to your existing outdoor space.

Our company has a passion and a drive for delivering care and attention to everything that we work on within your outdoor space.

Our specialist Landscape gardening professionals are locally based and available to serve you within Lavendon and the surrounding area.

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Whether you require landscaping projects, landscaping projects, garden design or just garden maintenance, we will help you.

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Our company works on Business or Residential work in and around Lavendon.

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